308009, Russian Federation,  Belgorod city, Rabochaya street, house14, letter A19 Phone number: (4722) 425-123 Fax: (4722) 425-125

Quality Certificate No. 01-08.19

Technical specifications 20.15.79-197-54651030-2018

Name of product:

«Liquid chelating fertilizer «ORGANOMICS» – Universal»

indexIndicator nameNorm for technical conditionsActually
1AppearanceLiquid from light green to blueComplies
2Total nitrogen in terms of NH2, g/l, ±10%15Complies
3Potassium in terms of K2O, g/l, ±10%42Complies
4Phosphorus in terms of P2O5, g/l, ±10%19Complies
5Sulfur in terms of SO4, g/l, ±10%63,4Complies
6Zinc (Zn), g/l, ±10%8Complies
7Copper (Cu), g/l, ±10%8Complies
8Iron (Fe), g/l, ±10%10Complies
9Molybdenum (Mo), g/l, ±10%0,1Complies
10Cobalt (Co), g/l, ±10%0,02Complies
11Boron (B), g/l, ±10%4Complies
12Manganese (Mn), g/l, ±10%8Complies
13Magnesium (Mg), g/l, ±10%1Complies
14pH of solution, not more than6,54,5
15Density at 20 ° C, g / cm31,1-1,31,2
16Dentant chelates, no less than1-21,35
17Auxins,%, not less than0,010,01
18Glycerin,%, not more than0,50,5
19Toxic elements, mg / kg Lead Arsenic Cadmium Hydrargym

<32 <2,0 <0,5 <2,1

<30,02 <1,02 <0,02 <1,01
20Mass fraction of dihydroquercetin, g/l, ±10%0,050,05

Organomix liquid chelate fertilizers brand – Universal meets the requirements of Technical specifications 20.15.79-197-54651030-2018

Head of Technical Control Department ____________________ Berestovaya E.N.

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